Local Government are facing huge and unnecessary cuts from central government in a step towards further outsourcing and privatising of our local services. Part of the aim of our work is to provide local campaigners with tools and information they can use to support their own local battles.

Our final aim is to reclaim and defend our democratic institutions and the services they provide from the parasitical practices of the financial sector. If you are a local campaigner and you have the same aims, please use our research to support your case.

With this campaign, we are arguing that LOBO loans were mis-sold to local authorities and therefore they should be cancelled, or at least restructured. By cancelling these contracts we can save Councils millions of pounds that are being unnecessarily wasted and put them towards supporting local services rather than the financial sector.

If you would like to become part of a growing network of  groups supporting this campaign please fill in the form below or get in touch with us directly.

Some things you can do:

  • Ask us to send you some leaflets and booklet you can distribute at your events or on your stalls
  • Ask us to speak about LOBO loans at a public event
  • Ask us to give a workshop on LOBO loans for your group or your local community
  • Include the cancellation of LOBO loans in your own campaign
  • Talk and write about LOBO loans in your own networks

We are also aware that LOBO loans have been sold to Housing Associations and Universities. We would like to extend the campaign to these institutions in the next year, so if you are working in these areas do get in touch.