Criminology academic calls for HSBC #ToryDirtyMoney inquiry

A leading academic on criminology and corruption and author of the books “How Corrupt is Britain” and “The Violence of Austerity” has called for an inquiry into HSBC #ToryDirtyMoney allegations in a new video on “Corruption, the election and austerity” published by Real Media GB.

Professor David Whyte is prompted by Real Media’s Ranjan Kumaran to discuss the 2017 General Election and the various themes of “collusive corruption” which characterise the background to the election campaign, including investigations into Tory Election Fraud and calls for an inquiry from MPs into HSBC and ‘Tory Dirty Money.’

Instead of acting on calls for an inquiry, the Conservative Government is moving to close down the Serious Fraud Office, the sole body tasked with investigating white collar financial fraud, in a move condemned by Transparency International UK.

The section on electoral fraud and Tory dirty money is from time signature 3:30 to 4:30 in the video.

David Whyte says:

“I do think we have a very high tolerance of collusive corruption in this country, so that breaches of electoral rules for example are not taken particularly seriously, and the most recent example we have, where there are very serious questions, about you know, a slightly different issue, not electoral fraud but the funding of political parties.

Where you have HSBC, apparently, and allegedly, being involved in laundering money, that ends up in the Conservative Party coffers, and a senior MP, and some senior journalists, are asking why this isn’t being discussed?

Then clearly, this is an indication of a vey high level of tolerance of corruption in this country.

That HSBC case by the way needs to be investigated, we are moving towards a general election, where one of the political parties has big questions over their head, not only over the last election, but also from those most recent revelations and we simply cant tolerate this without an inquiry.” 

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